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Scion (NZ) / University of Waikato (NZ): Planted Forest Wildlife survey

A survey targeting to estimate New Zealanders' willingness to pay for species found in New Zealand planted forests.

Waikato Regional Council/Ministry for the Environment (NZ): Value of recreational water uses online mapping survey

In this survey, respondents were asked to “map” the sites most frequently visited by them, identify activities performed as well as outline most liked/disliked features of each site.

The National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, University of Padova (Italy), University Technology Sydney (Australia) and University of Waikato (NZ): Alps visitor survey

A stated-choice experiment where users had to choose their preferred sites based on varying levels of attributes. Locations of each site were dynamically generated on a map.

Canterbury Regional Council (NZ): Outdoor recreational user survey

A similar study to WRC/MfE, except the scope of the project has been expanded to include other recreational activities and more data were with regards to users' expenditures during visits.

Waikato Regional Council (NZ): Water quality survey

This study sought to evaluate water quality preference among users of five freshwater sites within the Waikato Region.

Australian Electricity Market Operator (AEMO): Power outage online survey

This large scale online survey seeks to elicit consumers' value of lost load using stated choice and contingent valuation methodologies.

University of Canberra (Australia): Ecological modelling for the Macquarie Marshes survey

A study attempting to elicit WTP of environmental specialists of their preferred outcomes of environmental planning. The results of environmental simulations are being integrated to be dynamically displayed on maps using overlays (layers), and interactive charts and graphs.

University of Waikato (NZ): New Zealand Dairy Industry Water Value Study

Part of University of Waikato PhD Thesis in Economics. This study utilized mouse tracking to contrast the levels of attribute non-attendance when making choices.

University of Waikato (NZ): Disclosure Survey

A choice modelling online survey aiming to determine investors' willingness to pay for various levels of environmental and social disclosures.